Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Newbie Stress Points

When we begin anything new there are bound to be stress points or challenges.

Fortunately, these days with the amount of information available at our fingertips, we can nearly always find a solution.

The difficulty can be information overload where it is like drinking from a fire hose once you go searching.  And not all solutions will suit you so that's cool; just go to the next!

Information in this digital age can be in written form or presented as audio and more likely video or as an app!

If you can find the answer to someone else's problem, then you have a chance to make a connection with them.  If you are not pushing a product right from the get-go they are more likely to stick around, but let us not kid ourselves - you always have to earn a person's trust before they will subscribe to you and you have to be a little different/better than the next guy.

A decade ago, you may have been  one of only a few providing the help,
Now you will be lost in the sea of thousands offering similar advice such has been the growth in most niches.

Okay so that means there is more of a challenge -we cannot be complacent about traffic -people coming to our sites and conversions- people actually taking action to view, click, leave their email and so on.

  Check the video:

This is why marketers are constantly having to evolve to keep up.
Does it mean you have to use gimmicks to get views?

 But you have to take advantage of all the means allowable - legally and ethically so you do not get left behind.  So you need links criss-crossing to all your web properties. You need ways to attract the search engines to rank your sites. You need to maximise your presence.

Remember no-one is interested in you or what you are selling!
You are a miserable guy standing on the side of the freeway with a million others holding up a sign.
Depressing thought! But if you can stand out somehow, so you are noticed well then you have a chance!
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