Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Building an online presence does not have to be complicated or expensive, but it does take some work. 

Anyone who says you can just grab a bunch of stuff, put it on the web and sit back and get visitors or make money is kidding themselves and you as well.

The purpose of this blog and the related elements that I control, is to assist you as a person without much experience in online marketing or wanting to try the make money online area, to learn what it takes.
If you are a total newbie there will be new terminology - don't worry I will break it down for you.
If you have seen my videos on you tube (my channel) you will see that I am building up videos daily and then blogging about them here and eventually elsewhere.
The idea is that there will eventually be a "web"of interlinked, related sites and elements that all relate to me.  This sphere of influence will gradually grow over time and my 'brand' will become more popular.

You can do the same. Once thing about the internet ( which can be a negative) is that that generally speaking once you put it "up" there it is there to stay.  So  we must be careful about what we say if we want to maintain a reputation that is in line with our goals.
The plus side is that if you establish a worthwhile piece of online real estate, it can pay you back for years to come.

Deciding what to build is of more importance than 'how to build' because although it is the technical details that are holding you back right now, I can assure you that those challenges are easy to overcome once you have the steps put to you in simple form.
In this day and age you are NEVER short of advice and instruction on HOW to do anything, thanks to the ever growing information explosion.   I promise you there is plenty of free information at hand if you know where to look and you can be guided as to what is worth looking at.

That is hopefully why you are reading this.   Don't make the same old newbie mistakes that people have been making for years- get smarter and follow someone who has done the work, researched the field and found the good the bad and the down right ugly.

Notice: I am not selling here- just handing out advice and yes there will be links on these pages that may result in commissions being paid or other compensation provided to me. That is the normal state of affairs in any business relationship.  You are compensated for the value you bring to the market.
Do more, give more to build trust and a relationship follows.

I think you have got the message by now :-)

  rob smith
skype:  robs-ozopps
email:    ozopps+blog [@] gmail.com
youtube: goo.gl/KTokSd

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