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Saturation or Just Competitive?

Saturation or Just Competitive?

I came across this post on a closed group I joined recently:

"Hey everyone. I'm at a bit of a crossroads at the moment. I wanna go all in with starting an online business this year, I have spent the last couple of years learning IM, affiliate marketing, list building, kindle publishing, youtube marketing etc but not really doing a lot with them, so now this year, I want to take what ive learned, go all in, make mistakes and learn more along the way.
But the issue I have is finding my niche. I have seen plenty of methods out there showing how to find profitable niches but obviously it would be better if it was a niche I had an interest/passion for, because if I'm not interested in the subject, then I won't enjoy doing it.
The thing is, I don't really have a specific interest or passion (any thats profitable anyway), so what would you recommend for somebody who's struggling to find a niche based on their interest/passions?
The only thing I would probably be interested in doing is something in the MMO market, as I know quite abit about that stuff, and I can relate to people who wanna make money online because we all probably want it for the same reason (the freedom).
But as saturated as this market seems to be, would it be a market worth pursuing?" 

I replied: 
You do need to focus so you can provide a unique (or almost unique) perspective so you can offer something the rest of the (crowded) market cannot. The clever people always seem to come up with a new twist/tweak so they are not just copying someone else. The method -the how - is not as important as the why and what (niche).

This is a common enough dilemma for anyone starting to market online.
If you do not have your own product you are not unique but you want to have a twist that no one else has if you are to be different from your competition who are also selling in the same niche.

Competition is not a bad thing. If no one else is selling in the same market is it really a good market?
You do not want a niche so small that you will have very little chance of traffic.  Yes the MMO is huge with almost everyone there madly cloning each other.  
All those new products that are coming endlessly offer training, how to's and follow-me recipes to online riches.  Newbies or those who have not found their focus/passion will buy into this stuff and usually never act on it because they have no time to implement program A before being distracted by the next program B.  Marketers are relying on this churn factor/new shiny object desire that attracts us to this niche. 
Evergreen products -those things like services and tools that we all use regularly can be a better choice than new launches.   Evergreen products have a wider market and do not need tweaking constantly.
Remember the story of the gold rush era with prospectors versus those who sold the picks and shovels?   The hardware stores had a steady income where most prospectors were looking for the big nuggets and most failed.
Is the MMO market saturated?  Flooded yes, but it is growing constantly so  there will always be new eyes looking and they will be copying someone, buying stuff and learning.  You can be active in helping these newbies and even oldies looking for help or traffic.
Competition brings about  better quality in the long run.
Competition helps raise everyone to do better, offer better value and eliminate the scams.
Until the whole planet is online in the MMO niche can you say it is saturated? 

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